Creative Landscape Designs

How do we relate personality and creative energy into what we do on a day to day basis? Do we look intrinsically to create ambiences that can fulfil us deeper, or do we expect it to become that way over time? A garden is one such space that can offer deeper reflections of our personality and creative energies, in combination to place and time.

Our work at Integral Gardens is centred around the feelings, thoughts and history of garden spaces and their owners, and how we can use this information to produce a creative landscape design that befits a number of parameters. These parameters are honed and guided by our Garden Insights, which can access and retrieve information that inspire and support our specific emotional intelligence, for our personal and collective journeys.

How to start to mould a creative landscape design with Integral Gardens?

To begin the process from a blank canvas through to a garden that looks, feels and inspires health and wellbeing, we need to gather our Garden Insights. A fountain with its written words at its base was the energy reflection of the Garden Soul we retrieved in a client’s park.  Our job is to link and unite personal and collective feelings and emotional connections to the outdoors environment into a fully-formulated creative landscape design that will not only offer you inspiration and support for meaning and purpose, but a place you can call home.

Our professional work at Integral Gardens is waiting to turn your creative landscape design into something palpable throughout your outdoor areas.

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