Cutting Edge Natural Consciousness Design For Gardens And Public Spaces

A garden or park is not only a piece of land to engage to using logical thinking, or adapt previous solutions utilised in other places.

It is an alive area with its unique history and emotional resources which, with the right balance of insight and consideration, can release its hidden potential in reflecting, inspire and support personal and collective wellbeing and development.

Ground-breaking Natural Consciousness Enquiry processes in recent years access and reveal the Human and Environmental untapped forces that support personal and collective talents, emotional qualities and journeys.

At Integral Gardens we have the expertise of multidisciplinary international professionals to help transform a garden space into an Integral Garden.

For the first time we make available our innovative Garden Insight: the unique combination of expert Consciousness facilitators and experienced garden and estates professionals who work together to deliver Natural Consciousness garden design for councils, public spaces and private gardens across the world for individuals, families, organizations and groups who want help to access through their indoors or outdoors natural spaces their unique hidden potentials for human relaxation, restoration or development.

Garden Insights we have found so far are fountains for Spirit of the Land, swing seats to restore children space, sheltered trees areas to restore sense of belonging, white roses to connect to children from the past.

The simple steps to take towards our Natural Consciousness garden designs are:

  1. Personality through planning: an initial consultation about your desired garden experience will provide our experienced team – who have expertise in retrieving and offering detailed Garden Insights – with the information to help craft the ultimate garden designs.
  2. Presentation of the project: It can be difficult to visualise a Consciousness Enquiry in designing a garden or public space. The use of our Garden Insights will help to create a visual and emotional presentation for the area.
  3. Adjustments and construction: After one round of adjustments, if needed, we will bring in our esteemed landscapers to fashion the Consciousness design for the garden and help to create an unparalleled space for everyone involved to enjoy.

To begin the consultation process, speak with our team at Integral Gardens.