Integral Gardens Founding Case Study

Our founder’s starting project was about finding and restoring the original wellbeing elements of a well known 1950’s family garden, designed and built in Italy by a famous international garden designer. In our Enquiry session we retrieved the original garden owners unique wishes for people wellbeing, that unfortunately have been overlooked during the design processes.

This accidental lack of integrity resulted in today’s diminished interest, and reduction in fruition, by members of the public, staff, and the owners themselves. We have found what was missing, and we restored it, by reintegrating:

  • Spaces for children to belong and been seen, in the form of swing seats.
  • Sheltered areas for people, in the form of shade trees.
  • Spirit of the Place, in the form of a freestanding Fountain with words at its base.

By restoring this garden original unique Purpose through single reintegrations within the existing landscape, our
work has made possible for people today to perceive a more harmonious, more meaningful sense of Place of these beautiful gardens.

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