Integral Gardens collaborations include freelance former Heads at the Vatican Gardens Networks.

Garden Design

Starting with an initial client request, we will further dialogue to explore the possible scenarios where our Enquiry team will map and retrieve the client’s Garden Insights. At this stage, our experienced designers will liaise with the client to produce the bespoke executive garden project placing the client Garden Insights we found. We are available to produce different levels of executive projects, complete with technical implementations.

Other services we offer include:

  • Retrieval of the unique Organisational Purpose and conversion into a complete, bespoke executive design for organisational health.
  • Design of bespoke Integral meanings restoration and maintenance plans with technical details.
  • Coaching in person and online.
  • Technical Direction for building the project we generate.

You can give this service as a gift

We are pleased to introduce our Integral Garden Gift service. By donating one or more of our services to your dearest ones, you will surely express a unique sign of true love. The basic information we’ll need from you is your friends first names, your request to us to find their Integral Garden on your behalf, and which of our services you wish to donate. We will at the end come back to you with the package of your choice completed, ready for you to give it as your gift. Please enquire for further details, we will take care on your behalf of this unique surprise!

Get in touch

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