Garden Insights reflect People, Place, and Time.

Garden Insights

Our own garden space can be one of the deepest experiences for personal enjoyment, reflection, inspiration and development.

Sometimes, questions like: “How can our garden space support our unique wellness?” or “What is the unique purpose of my garden?” are not reflected by garden design: accessing personal meanings can be challenging. We recognize that external ideas or interpretations of well-being could overlook, and limit, the potentials of such deeply personal relationships.

This is why at Integral Gardens we integrate cutting-edge Enquiry processes for retrieving Insights of the client’s systems of belonging. We find Insights of the client specific purposes, meanings, values of belonging and client-specific, uniquely natural combination of People, Space, and Time. In this way our practice becomes a facilitation, and not a replacement, in creating the client’s personal Space.

What informs our Integral Garden?

Following an initial client request, our experienced Enquiry teams will map and retrieve Insights. These Insights support individual and collective creativity, health and wellbeing. Our groundbreaking innovation allows the client’s unique Insights to become available in the form of Garden Insights. They often come with meaningful Words:  There shall be trees for shelter and protection”, “ You have a place in our hearts”, “ You can see me as a Fountain”.  This is a way how our individual and collective qualities can become alive through our Integral Garden.

You can give this service as a gift

We are pleased to introduce our Integral Garden Gift service. By donating one or more of our services to your dearest ones, you will surely express a unique sign of true love. The basic information we’ll need from you is your friends first names, your request to us to find their Integral Garden on your behalf, and which of our services you wish to donate. We will at the end come back to you with the package of your choice completed, ready for you to give it as your gift. Please enquire for further details, we will take care on your behalf of this unique surprise!

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