About Us

An Integral Garden is a physical living space where energies for well-being are spoken and manifested. This physical space holds and reflects energies for individuals, groups, and for the Environment.

Through our innovative Garden Insights, these energies are presented through physical garden elements, and sometimes through written words.

We can physically see, tune-in and connect through Garden Insights to energies that inform and resource us for reflection, for enjoyment, to support creativity and personal development.

Some of our clients’ themes we explore:

  • What is my garden unique purpose? How is it reflected in the garden space?
  • What is resourcing me through my garden?
  • Which colours are good for My Self?
  • What has been the intention of the Garden founder until today? And from today?
  • Which values and supportive legacies are available through my garden?
  • Facilitations to restore creative tension in garden design
  • The Integral Garden Song: reconnecting to our Rhythm through garden Seasons.
  • The Integral Garden Painting: visual glimpses from our Inner Garden
  • Structures that allow spontaneity
  • Guests well being
  • Relationships with neighbours
  • Pets well being.
  • Our relationship to the Garden Soul
  • A unique garden experience for each person
  • Making-meaning: gardening with the Garden in mind
  • Gardener’s stance and the garden past legacies
  • Retrieval of Historical gardens and parks Founders dynamics, for enhanced fruition
  • Unique Organisational Purpose Garden. Members of an organisation can physically see, tune-in and connect through Garden Insights the ongoing energies that inform and resource their organisational work. We can also design spaces to help sustain the organisation’s health, or for co-creating new organisational Value
  • Public parks and Community spaces. People and animals visiting these Integral Spaces will approach the Garden Insights, such as a fountain with its specific script from the Land. Individuals will respond to the specific vibrations accordingly to their Journeys and intentions. When mapping each Place and People specific energies along its Timeline, we retrieve dynamic information such as: Founders intention, Park’s Life purpose, Spirit of the Land, previous citizens/members, current citizens/members, City, Organisation.
  • From Land of Origin to Land of Immigration Park. We can retrieve the specific information and energies from each individual Home Land in the form of their unique Garden Insights. People who live abroad will be able to see, tune-in and connect through Garden Insights to the Unconditional energies coming from their Home Land.
  • Purposes and values of Land and People identified for meaningful commercial transactions with investors


The client requires Integral Gardens to access and retrieve Insights from the client systems of belonging. The client grants Integral Gardens permission to access and use for the execution of the client contract any other information that may also arise in our work.

  • The client purchases entirely and unconditionally the result of our work.
  • Our work is carried under our discretion only.
  • Our work is retrieving and presenting some of the client personal Insights.
  • Our work is an introduction to some of the client natural systems of belonging.
  • Depending on the client reception, fruition may vary as the result of the client free will.