Beyond the creative garden, beyond the sensory garden, beyond the biophilic garden, there is the Integral Garden:

From Individuals’ gardens to Community park networks, “We create spaces for peace and beauty”.

We don’t limit your Integral Garden with ideas or interpretations.

Since ancient times, authentic garden spaces meant to reflect a unique combination of People, Time and Place. Our green spaces can reflect our individual and our collective values. Like in a mosaic, our individual qualities can co-create the collective Garden. Through an indoors plants setting or an outdoors garden experience, our inner wishes for well being, unique values of belonging and personal legacies can consciously co-create resilient, naturally evolving living systems where people relate into their own unique environment.

Beyond intellectual approaches, the human Emotional Intelligence has specific dynamics, specific energetic well-being resources for individuals, families, organizations and communities that are often not reflected, and not made accessible, by standard green spaces designs. Retrieval from the Past of encoded Unique Organizational Purpose, reflected and supported by our designs, is just an example of what we do.

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