WHY US We facilitate our clients authentic wellbeing to become a real garden design and experiences

Our unique practice allows us to explore with our clients how they wish to feel in their garden. With our experience we can turn it into an authentic garden space, from the " inside out ".

  • Traditional gardening and systemic work together

    Our unique offer combines our experiences in traditional gardening and systemic facilitations. This allows us to retrieve precious information that creates truly personal and unique garden experiences.

  • Our practice of making meaning is not a theory

    Our work is focussed on each client individual experiences. The information and practical solutions we discover emerge from our clients personal wishes.

  • We integrate Constellations

    Where needed we use Systemic Constellations, a gentle and natural process that provides us a living map of a specific situation. We explore dynamics that support or hold back today's fruition. 

  • Our work is systemic

    It means that our approach is holistic.At the same time we focus on individual and collective resources and needs.

  • Our solutions are sustainable

    When we explore each client's Garden Purpose, it provides us with information and solutions that are within Family Trees and collective environments.

  • Beauty is everything

    When clients share their inner wishes for garden experience, in our practice we receive simple, elegant Insights that facilitate inner desires to become a real garden design and experience.

Don’t just take our word for it...

" It is very difficult to explain in words the changes that have happened in our garden since we started working with Integral Gardens. I seem to be much happier to let the garden grow at its own pace and develop gradually "  A client experience