Cheshire Integral Garden unfolding with more coherence and clarity

Our Cheshire client had the Creative tension to their Integral Garden restored by our Enquiry team.

This garden evolution is unfolding with more coherence and clarity. Restoration before, and maintenance within moving forward now, are the reflection of the garden Rhythm retrieved.

Connecting to the garden energies, our client received Insights for:

  • Garden’s Life Purpose, in the form of a Gateway leading into the woodland area, representing their own Journey and its resources.
  • Belonging retrieval within two protecting nested flower beds. That reintegration was another crucial contribution to the current quality of garden fruition.
Don't just take our words for it...

"It is very difficult to explain in words the changes that have happened in our garden since we started working with Integral Gardens. The best way to describe it is to look at what has changed. We are both much less anxious about the garden now. I seem to be much happier to let the garden grow at its own pace and develop gradually. My husband finds there is a new sense of order and everything seems to be in its place which he finds relaxing. "  -  From Client