Honouring sustainable Prosperity


When we received the request for this commercial solution in India, our London associate Illi Adato was our natural business partner to design and deliver with us this delightful insight for our client.

The client request was seemingly an impossible dilemma: how to sell their beach property, accepting a good financial offer whilst not sacrificing the in-situ long established fishermen community? Our client was looking to not accept a current good financial offer by a speculative buyer with the intention to clear the site, and its fishermen community, for buildings development.

During our Enquiry session we have found various dynamics that belonged to the Land and its fishermen community too, that we retrieved and honoured in order to offer to the alternative buyers a resource for sustainable commercial developments.

The final result of this beautiful piece of work was the final insight for our client: we have identified a conscious buyer who was investing substantial financial sums on behalf of a local network interested in sustainable commercial developments with local communities.