Restoring Creative Tension a liberated, lighter, more energized approach

A delightful surprise was awaiting us when our Cheshire client asked us to look for anything inspiring and less demanding regarding going forward with their well-established gardens network. In our Enquiry session, we have traced back the initial intentions belonging to the original gardens founder many years ago. We have discovered that the startling lack of clarity and vision for the site has impacted the following property owners, resulting in limitations and energy-draining approaches by the current owners.

During the session we have managed to restore the natural Timeline of these gardens legacies, working with various dynamics we found such as: Founder, Founder’s intention for the Garden, Spirit of the Land, Previous owners, Current owner, House building, Garden, Garden’s Life Purpose, Gardener.

The final result was a liberated, lighter, more energized approach for the gardens evolution, generating a renewed Creative Tension that is resourcing our clients today with more clarity and Purpose.