The colours of the Family Soul in Creative Tension

For our current project our Enquiry was: ” What is this garden for? “

The result of our Enquiry session showed us that the transition between the previous property owners and the current ones was not completed, leaving stranger dynamics in the way.

Once we acknowledged it and we saw it completed, the garden transformed its very purposive energy into an environment for people being present with their own creative energies.


DSCF0126 7 1200x900


Old way, new ways

Stepping into new ways is a cornerstone of the systemic work we do.

It requires accessing and facilitating specific energies for moving forward.


We are now creating this garden colour scheme that reflects the Family Soul energies


Holding Creative Tension in our garden and with our garden also includes its fruition, not just its design: we are already part of Nature’s Rhythms.


When we hold Creative Tension, we also are held by the garden vibrational space itself.