New possibilities emerge Your imagination is the limit


Starting from the initial Garden Interview, a range of new possibilities and inspirations emerge.

Here we introduce a list of themes and services we have encountered that may resonate with your personal needs.

Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and we will explore it together.


  • Integral Garden Song

    Here we will connect to the Garden Purpose, and then create and record its Song.

    By listening to it, our clients can Tune-In and feel the presence and meaning of its purpose.

  • Garden owners wanting more clarity regarding their garden design

    Here we find the Unique Garden Purpose, and we can also help our clients connect their Creative Tension to it.

    We can show our clients how to reconnect each time they desire.

  • Garden designers wanting more clarity regarding their clients’ Garden Purpose

    Here we connect to the garden the designer is working on for their client. We find the Garden Purpose, and explore if there are Garden Insights showing as landscaping elements that we will share with the designer, or simply we facilitate the designer own Creative Tension to it. Coaching to Integral Gardening available.

    We provide this service with or without our client presence. However, we strongly recommend the Garden designer joining us. On request. the garden owners can join also for best synchronization.

    This service is for garden designers, architects, engineers, garden and park managers.

  • Gardener who doesn’t “see“ the existing garden for maintenance

    This is a common issue when garden owners and gardeners don’t have mutual clarity in terms of garden look and feel.

    We can hold a session where the gardener can connect to the owners’ intention and inner image for their garden.

    We can also explore how it may be expressed through practical activities.

    This service is available to garden owners, or the gardener, or both together.

  • Community Park

    Here we find the Community Purpose, its meaning, and we find how it shows in the park.

    A question to explore could be: " How can our Park support our community unity ? "

    The resulting Garden Insights can show through landscaping elements, with writings also. 

    Visitors will be able to see, tune in and connect to elements that connect to the Community Park purpose.

    We can also facilitate people connecting their Creative Tension, as one intervention or ongoing coaching.

    For individuals and groups, we can facilitate on Zoom

  • Your Family Tree in your Garden

    We explore your Family Tree and explore its gifts and legacies.

    We can explore what may hold back and what supports people's journeys.

    We will find how they are shown in the garden and how the beneficiaries can see and receive gifts and legacies.

  • Organisational Purpose Park

    Here we find an organisation's purpose that supports sustainable flow and results.

    We explore if this shows through landscaping elements or through people's Creative Tension to it.

    Visitors will be able to see, tune in and connect to elements that connect to the organizational purpose.

  • Land of origin and land of immigration garden and public parks

    One of the most pressing issues, with this service we map the energies that support.

    It can show through landscaping elements or writings.

    Visitors will be able to see, tune in and connect to elements that connect to the supporting energies.


  • Garden of Remembrance

    To start, this service can be facilitated by Franziska only, in a private way as for any other facilitation.

    Here we explore together with our clients if they have a longing for a connection to loved ones.

    After this private session, we will find how our client's connection to their loved ones shows in their garden.

    In one instance, white roses became clear to our client, and their garden experience changed.

  • Your Integral Garden Meditation

    Franziska will hold a client interview where she will explore and find the personal meditation where the client and garden can connect to each other.

    Service available live or recorded on media as audio or video files. 

  • At the Heart of my Garden: the Inner Child space

    In a confidential setting, Franziska will hold an interview where the client can explore the personal connection to their Inner Child, and explore together how the client wishes to have it expressed, may it be for healing,  creativity, relaxation, celebration. 

    Together with the client we will then explore how this personal relationship is expressed in the garden space.


  • Pet wellbeing

    Whether the client wishes to celebrate their happy relationship with their beloved pet, or also if they wish to look at concerning behaviours, we can look for and explore dynamics that may affect both scenarios, and identify possible solutions.

    Session available with or without the pet presence.

  • The colours of my Garden Soul

    Here we connect to the Garden Purpose, and then we tune-in to the client's family aspects that want rebalancing.

    We can offer the results just as a colours table, or we design your garden with the colours results.  

  • The Spirit of the Place

    First, here we find what is its meaning.

    Once we find it, we will explore how it is shown in the garden.

    Our clients and visitors can feel their meanings connecting through landscaping elements, writings, or our personal connection facilitations.

  • Making meaning of my Garden Purpose

    Here we find the Garden Purpose, explain and  facilitate our clients' connection to it and how it shows through their practical activities, from gardening to other activities in the garden space.

    Ongoing coaching available if required.

  • Commercial contracts for sustainable community projects

    We provide this service for landowners who wish to find a more sustainable buyer who wishes to invest into the existing wealth of people's skills connected to the land.

    Here we can explore lack of clarity or other issues that may be related to the property sale.

  • Gift your loved ones

    We can prepare many of our services for your loved ones on your behalf. 

    Contact us to find out more

  • The Garden where meeting Ancestors

    During this Garden Interview we will explore together with our client their relationship to their ancestors, and how remembrance and support connect.

    Then we will explore if remembrance and support show in the garden space through landscape elements, writings or through our client presence facilitations.