Restoring the Garden Space


When we enter into a space, we feel the energy around.

It's formed by events from the past and from today.

Fulfilling events from the past can provide us support and inspiration for our decisions and activities today, as a ' stepping stone '.

Sometimes, unexpressed wishes from the past are in the way, and we may sense today a lack of inspiration or clarity for our decisions. We may feel something is missing.

Because our systemic work allows us to explore the garden Timeline, our exploration during our Garden Interview may include: " What is in the way of the Garden Purpose today? "

     Study case:

We explored through our systemic work a 1950s renowned garden that today was being neglected; we discovered that its Founder's wishes have not been fully included into the initial garden design.

The result of that overlooking was a progressive weight on the following staff and visitors, who could feel a challenging vacuum.  

During that intervention we retrieved the Founder's initial wishes for the garden, and restored them into the existing garden in the form of single landscape elements.

Garden Insights are landscaping elements that express and reconnect us today to the garden's Founder original intentions for wellbeing and peace.

Elements we found during our Enquiries: a Fountain with written words to express the Soul of the Garden; white roses to remember loved ones; sheltering trees for protection; swing seats to include children; plants colour schemes channelling the Family Soul's colours.

These reintegrations gave the current staff a sense of fulfilment, enabling their activities for a calmer space and creative expressions. Visitors increased as a result.

This is what we call Restoring at Integral Gardens: restoring the garden foundations to allow a more sustainable and creative development.

We provide our Garden Restoration services:

  • In person: we design and deliver complete restoration projects, from the initial Garden Interview, project with Garden Insights and building, to the general garden restoration.
  • Online: same as above, without our manual work. On request, we can provide supervision and coaching for projects implementation.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.