Your own garden, from within

 What is our Garden Purpose for?

To support relaxation, enjoyment, creativity, healing, socialising?

A simple question can open new and unexpected worlds. And sometimes with a familiar feel.

The nature of our work is ideal for people who wish to have their new garden built entirely on the experiences they wish to live.

Starting from our Garden Interview, we explore with our clients how they wish to feel in their garden space.

Thanks to our systemic work, we are able to identify how the new garden space can support our clients inner wishes.

We are also able to identify and resolve if there are unknown past dynamics left on the Land that may hold back today.

In one of our clients gardens we have discovered that their creativity was been hindered by the lack of clarity of purpose experienced by the past garden founder a long time before. Likewise, other past events can leave a lack of clarity or a sense of void today.