Unique Garden Consultation We access each distinctive Garden Purpose that supports personal relaxation, enjoyment, reflection, inspiration and creative expressions, and we create with it a unique garden design and experience!

Each garden has already a purpose to serve its owners wellbeing. It facilitates energies for reflection, relaxation, enjoyment, meditation, socialising, creativity or personal fulfilment.

Together with our experienced and qualified Garden Facilitator and Garden Coach, our clients will be able to " deep dive " stimulating questions like: " What is my Garden unique Purpose? ", or " How can my garden support my wellbeing? ".

We develop lists of innovative themes and services to offer our clients inspiration and solutions.

Through our practice and our garden design, our clients can recognize information and clarity meaningful to their garden inner picture. This is how our clients can connect to their Home feeling through their garden presence.

How we work
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The initial Garden Interview

This special interview is the foundation of our work, and it is like no other!

The aim of this session is to re-connect our clients and our team to creative energies that are already present, and sometimes are not clear.

A Garden Purpose we found for a client was Garden’s Life Purpose; another one was Hope; another one Collective Intelligence. Another one Curiosity.

During this Consciousness-Based process, we will be able to explore our clients' unique circumstances and relationships with their garden, and we can identify what holds back and what supports their wishes and projects.

We have called Garden Insight the unique energies we discover in each garden, that support wellbeing and creativity.

Garden Insights we found during our Enquiries: a fountain with written words to express the Garden Soul, white roses to re-member loved ones, sheltered trees for protection, swing seats to hold space for Children, plants colours channelling the Family Soul's colours.

Sometimes we find it is sufficient to connect the garden designer's Creative Tension to the Garden Purpose through our facilitations. 

For each Garden Interview we provide to our clients the Garden Insights we discovered, written in Beautiful frames. They can be elements of garden design to integrate into the existing garden, or information regarding the garden fruition, or their personal connection we facilitate to the garden space, such as their own Creative Tension.

At the end of this stage, we offer to our clients a range of in-person and online services and options, to " make-meaning " of the Purpose and Insights we found.

Our services include garden design, building, restoration, maintenance, supervising, coaching, personal Creative Tension facilitations, wellbeing programs, and much more!


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Connecting your Presence to the Garden Purpose

We offer this range of services for clients who, following our initial interview, do wish to engage themselves to their garden projects, but require Integral Gardens to keep their garden connection and information updated along the way.

We offer these services both in person and online, as single facilitations of bespoke programs.

During these services our Garden Facilitator and Garden Coach will connect with the client to the Garden Purpose, and explore together its meanings and challenges, and how to be present and engage with the emerging possibilities.

For example, one Garden Purpose we explored with a client included Collective Intelligence to be utilized in a commercial project.

After we facilitated our client connection to the Purpose, we showed him how to explore, recognize and utilize for the success of its business the information already shown by the Land through its landscape elements.

In another project, we facilitated through a number of sessions our client to connect to their Garden Life Purpose and its Creative Tension; this allowed our client to experience a more meaningful understanding, fruition and family presence since we started working together.

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Facilitation and supervision of your creative garden design, restoration and maintenance.

We offer this range of services to clients who are requiring after the initial interview to work together and co-create projects with us.

These are the services that most facilitate our clients Integral Gardening to " make meaning " of the Garden Purpose.

We deliver these services both in person and online.

To start with, our Garden Facilitator will help connecting together our Garden Coach and our client to the same Garden Purpose, and its Creative Tension.

From this mutual energetic connection, our Integral Garden Coach will work together with the client for supervised, step-by-step, co- creative projects that reflect the garden unique Creative Purpose.

We can explore together the challenges, technicalities and possibilities of design projects, restoration and maintenance.

Then, we will create together action plans and we will supervise their implementations.

For example, one Garden Purpose we found was Hope. We discovered that its expression in our client garden was through the Colours of the Family Soul. Therefore, when our client was interested in planting new roses, we tuned into the Purpose, and we identified the roses colours that vibrate most to our client family.

In another project, we discovered a Garden Purpose as Curiosity. Our client was looking for a space to support their household healing and creative activities for artistry.  Our solution was to design and coach the creation of a secret garden design, matching the purpose Curiosity we found, to host in its hidden corners the artists creations, inviting visitors to explore and discover people inner expressions.



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Welling being

Our work is based on facilitating inner health.

This section is specifically dedicated to clients who wish to explore their inner relationships to their belonging and creative energies.

Creativity here is not intended necessarily for manual activities. Our systemic work allows us to catalyse richer human interactions for meaningful social outcomes.

Starting from the initial Garden Interview, we can explore, design and deliver facilitating programmes for individual and collective creative projects, for intellectually stimulating conversations, for forging fruitful partnerships or for just enjoying the garden experience in a more fulfilling way.

Being our work strongly based on children health, we can on request design and deliver specific solutions supporting their well being and playful energy.

We provide our services online or in person.